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Biker Gifts Lectra Socks

Biker Gifts Lectra Socks

Reviewed by: Peter Vardos (vardy
Reviewed for: Dyna Glide
Used for: 6-12 months

Overall Rating: 1
Value: 1
Would buy again: no
Comfort: 3

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I have given these socks the benefit of the doubt over a number of rides, changed to fresh batteries for each ride etc etc. But I have to say that, despite all the good will in the world, they are duds. The D cell battery just doesn't produce enough power to heat the element sewn into the socks - there is no appreciable heat. After my most recent ride using these socks, with fresh batteries, I took the socks off, pushed my fingers into the toe of the sock, over the element that runs under the toes - and it was stone cold - no heat at all. The principle is very sound and should work well but it doesn't. The manufacturer should alter the battery unit to accept either a 9 volt regular battery or a re-chargeable lithium-ion battery of at least 7 volts. If the performance of this product doesn't improve, Cruiser Customizing should drop it from its inventory - it's an embarrassment..

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