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Hondaline Light Bar - Chrome - Honda 750 Aero

Hondaline Light Bar - Chrome - Honda 750 Aero

Reviewed by: (Phillavery
Reviewed for: 0 750 Shadow Aero
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 5
Ease of install: 3
Value: 4
Would buy again: yes

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I love the look of this Light bar, requires a minor modification to fit over the Memphis Shades Fairing, sorting out the wiring configuration took me a while because the schematic only shows a 3 pin plug outline, not a wiring diagram, (Blue for the relay switch, Black for the Positive supply and Green for Ground) I found that by NOT connecting the Blue relay wire, the lights could be turned on & off from the Aux Switch supplied, regardless of the headlight switch position, (ie High or Low beam).

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