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Sena SMH5 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Motorcycles

Sena SMH5 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Motorcycles

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I recently purchased 3 of the Sena SMH5s for myself and two friends, which we all installed in our helmets this past weekend. We took them on 200+ mile ride and really tested their capabilities. Wow!!! These things worked better than my expectations. We were all able to pair our phones to the SMH5 and to each other's SMH5 with no hitches at all. On the road the earphones were plenty loud, without full volume, even at 80+ mph. One of my friends dropped back until the intercom communication was pretty garbled, but that was 300+ yards before it started to break up. We did have wind noise even with full-face helmets, but still had no problem hearing each other loud and clear. These things played the music from our iPhone iPods, with start/stop, skip forward/back, and independent volume control capabilities; the volume setting for the iPod is independent from the intercom volume setting. For the money, the SMH5 is a colossal bargain, especially at the sale price of $101.99 and free shipping. The helmet installation was quick and easy; it took more time figuring out where and how to run the earphones and microphone in the helmets, than it did to actually do it. The only thing the SMH5 does not do that I would like is the ability to talk to all paired intercoms at one time as a group, as you have to talk to each person separately, but this is a nit and does not affect my opinion of this product.

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