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Grifter License Plate Storage Box

Grifter License Plate Storage Box

Reviewed by: G. (saxman1
Reviewed for: 2006 C50T Boulevard
Used for: < 1 month

Overall Rating: 5
Ease of install: 5
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes

Review Summary:
I am not a good mechanic. This was easy to put onto my bike. I had to attach it a bit differently that the directions stated but I guess that speaks to the versatility of the product. The machine screws that were provided did not fit well through the plate and plate guard, so I used regular license plate screws. I had to drill the pilot holes a bit though. It took me close to a half hour after I gathered all the materials and read the directions. I think this will be a nice addition to my bike. Oh yeah, it looks pretty inconspicuous, too.

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