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Burly Brand Bikini Beach Retro Bar - 1 inch Bar, No Dimples

Burly Brand Bikini Beach Retro Bar - 1 inch Bar, No Dimples

Reviewed by: BenDy (davis731mxr
Reviewed for: 2005 Blue w/silver flames 750 Shadow Spirit
Used for: > 1 year

Overall Rating: 5
Ease of install: 5
Value: 5
Would buy again: yes

Review Summary:
I love these bars. They provide a much wider and longer stance so I can actually kick back in a more relaxed position and enjoy the ride more. There are some mixed reviews for my exact bike (Shadow Spirit 750) in regards to the cables being long enough to accommodate the wider, longer bars. I bought the bars firmly believing some reviews that the cables are long enough, I would just have to reroute them to a more direct line from the levers to the brake/clutch/throttle. This was NOT the case. Especially with the clutch cable. With it routed in as straight a line as possible, it still came up significantly short. So I ended up having to buy some longer steel braided cables, (which I am happier with than the black stock cables cause they make the bike look amazing, especially with the wider bars, they are more exposed.) All in all I am very pleased, it just cost more than I was expecting due to the added cables

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