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Scala Rider Q2 Pro - (Single Bluetooth Headset)

Scala Rider Q2 Pro - (Single Bluetooth Headset)

Reviewed by: Randy (randyc
Reviewed for: 0 1700 Vulcan Nomad
Used for: 1-6 months

Overall Rating: 2
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Spend the extra $ and go for the G9. I bought the Q2 Pro before going on a long trip and wanted to communicate with some of the others on the ride. I have a Scorpion EXO-100 helmet and tried the clamp attachment. It does not work well because the helmet shell is too thick. The clamp expands and presses into your left ear (I rode like this for 1900 miles / 8 days!). The clamp also falls off leaving the radio and mic dangling from the speaker wires. I have the glue on option installed now, but was not thrilled with having to glue something to my helmet. The speakers are ok for bike-to-bike comms, but are weak for phone calls and FM radio reception. It only connects to two other systems, but only one at a time (Primary OR Secondary). I know other riders with the G4 and it makes simultaneous connections to multiple other systems. The G4 and G9 are about the same price, so if you're going to buy a Scala Rider, go for the G9.

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