Roland Sands (RSD) Replacement Air Filter For Roland Sands Venturi Air Cleaners- Harley Davidson Models

Roland Sands (RSD) Replacement Air Filter For Roland Sands Venturi Air Cleaners- Harley Davidson Models
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Part Number: RSD-0206-0001
Price: $72.95 Please note that due to currency fluctuations between date of order and date of shipment there can be a change in the amount in the local currency Available Usually ships within 2 business days what's this?

  • Replacement Air Filter For Venturi Air Cleaners.

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This accessory fits:

- all Harleys

Important Fitment Details:
Harley Davidson m=Models Fitted with RSD Venturi Air Cleaner Assembly (Replacement Filter Only)

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Question & Answers:

    oil or not

    posted on 06/21/13 by
    Tony15 (Tony15) from , , wrote:

    Is this filter pre-oiled?

    posted on 06/22/13 by
    Tony15 from , , wrote:

    Thanks to everyone who answered my question. Especially Steve. My question has been answered, and I am completely satisfied with the results. Thanks Again

    posted on 06/22/13 by
    theturbo from , , Australia, wrote:

    If its made by K&N for Roland, this might help:

    From :

    10. Do K&N air filters come pre-oiled or must they be oiled before using?

    Almost all K&N air filters come pre-oiled and ready to use. The filter oil we use is red. A new oiled filter will appear red-pink in color. Some crankcase vent air filters come unoiled, however, they come with a small packet of K&N filter oil so they can be oiled before use. There are also a limited number of filters with specialty uses which are not pre-oiled. These items will be clearly marked as unoiled. Using an unoiled K&N filter will greatly reduce the filter's efficiency and void our product warranty on filters that come pre-oiled from the factory. If you receive a filter that is packaged in its cellophane wrapper and is unoiled, contact K&N's Customer Support department at (800) 858-3333.

    Otherwise I would suggest you ask the question direct to Roland Sands:

    Cheers, Steve
    (I'm a community member and not a CC employee)

    posted on 06/21/13 by
    lucky57 from Aveley , WA, AU, wrote:

    Sorry dont think I can help much but are they usually oiled? Or are they a dry filter? have you checked your cuurent filter on the bike to see?. Im sure if it was to be oiled then you would have to do it yourself