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Because CruiserCustomizing employees are also passionate bikers (read more about us) we care for the safety of each member…and for all riders. We want you to ride well, be informed and ride smart. Ride safely today, and you'll enjoy the thrill of motorcycling tomorrow. Motorcycling can be dangerous, and that's why safety gear, which includes a snug DOT approved helmet, leathers, gloves and boots, are so important. Remember our motto: shared passion, individual style. There's also plenty of individual style in dressing the rider as well as the bike for the highest level of personal safety.

You've heard it before, but it bears repeating: ride within your own level of skill. And take that motorcyclist training course you've been putting off.

A motorcycle crashing at 150 mph into a car.

Making the internet rounds are photos of a graphic display at a motorcycle show in Sweden, a Honda sportbike crushed inside a Volkswagen. The crash scene was placed at the show by the Swedish police to underscore a point. The 400 pound+ Honda was recently purchased by a newly-licensed rider, and this inexperienced would-be road racer wanted to see what his new motor could do. In a false thrill of certain suicide, the speed demon collided with the Volkswagen at 150 miles per hour, killing himself and both of the car's occupants as his out-of-control missile entered within the car. As Honda Motor Company continues to remind you and me through their ad campaign, "Stupid hurts." Sometimes stupidity goes beyond hurting.

True, most unwanted encounters involving a motorcycle are caused by careless drivers. Blake's Story, the member feature article from June '05 (Newsletter # 61), relates the tragic results of a drunken driver's hit and run, and the determination to ride again. Cruiser Customizing Customer Service Director, Kyle Bradshaw, was likewise T-boned by a careless cager, resulting in serious injuries and months on crutches. CruiserCustomizing employee, Kenny Wright, was hit a year earlier by another careless driver. Learning the causes of crashes, and how to avoid them, is the responsibility of all riders.

Sometimes, however, it is the rider's childish temptation to wring the accelerator, often spiked with a deadly mix of drugs or alcohol, that creates cause for regret. A knowledgeable rider is far safer than a recently-unleashed throttle cowboy who thinks the highway is his own private rodeo. In Proficient Motorcycling, life long rider David L. Hough shares decades of experience that puts into straight English those intuitive feelings that come to mind in the saddle. Cruiser Customizing likewise recommends The Motorcycling Safety Foundation's Guide to Motorcycling Excellence, which imparts "skills, knowledge and strategies for riding right." These are the people to call (1-800447-4700) for a Rider Safety Course.

Knowledgeable riding means dressing for the spill, not the ride. It also means knowing your bike's limitations. And your own. Riders must adjust continually to changing conditions, and learn to watch themselves closely for road fatigue that can cause errors in judgment. Unlike driving a car, wherein the person at the wheel is often riding on auto-pilot, piloting a motorcycle is a constant test of mind-sharpening alertness, intelligence and skill.

And with days growing shorter now, colder weather and frequent mists and fog, bikers can be harder to spot. We hope that each of you are making adjustments in your riding habits by giving the cagers more space, and adjusting to damp roadways. Is your helmet in good condition? What about your other protective gear: your jacket, chaps or riding pants, gloves, eye protection or face shield. If you are one of those staunch members of our community who rides in the rain, you should have a rain suit.

And protect your privilege to ride by joining the American Motorcyclist Association.

Checkout this public service announcement from the AMA:

Ride safe,

Your CruiserCustomizing Team