Accessories for Victory 106 Victory Hammer

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Part Number: KY-4455
This system allows the mounting of our new ISO-Boards to passenger mounts on popular metric cruisers. These stylized footboards feature our finely chromed ISO-Boards, with cushy, full length ISO rubbe ...
MSRP: $219.99
Price: $197.99   
(621 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn 4455 ISO- Passenger Floorboards - Various Metric Cruiser Models (Pair)- Requires Bike Specific Adapters, Part: KY-4455
Part Number: VC-07-4041
Made from durable Zytel nylon. Easily installs in minutes on most motorcycles without requiring grip removal. Assembly Required UNIVERSAL VISTA CRUISE Fits most Hondas, Kawasakis, Suzukis and ...
MSRP: $37.95
Price: $29.95   
CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
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More Info on Vista Cruise Universal Cruise Control  - Metric Cruisers with 1 inch Bars, Part: VC-07-4041
Inexpensive stealth style mirrors with 10mm mount to fit all Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Victory cruisers. Yamaha mirror adapter available separately (Part # DS-302149) Flat Glass. Sold in Pairs. ...
Price: $47.95
(171 reviews)
More Info on CruiserCustomizing Chrome Oval Cruiser Mirrors for Metric Cruisers (Pair), Part: CC-OVAL-MIRRORS
Part: MEM7031
Part Number: MEM7031
Adding a Batwing Fairing to your bike is the number one modification towards achieving that "bagger" look for your Harley or Metric Cruiser. Sure they look extremely cool with their clean aerodynamic ...
Price: $279.95
(100 reviews)
More Info on Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing - Various Metrics, Part: MEM7031
Part Number: KY-4467
Kuryakyn makes it possible to replace your functional but unappealing stock footpegs with our comfortable and stylish ISO-Pegs. Kuryakyn footpegs are modular in design, making it necessary to order th ...
MSRP: $159.99
Price: $143.99   
(86 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Swingwing Peg Without Adapters - Universal (Splined Adapters Sold Separately), Part: KY-4467
(79 reviews)
More Info on National Cycle Quick Release Mounting Kit For Switchblade - Honda VTX1800/ Valkyrie/ Rune/ M50 Boulevard/ Victory, Part: NC-KIT-Q103
Part Number: KY-4351
IF YOU ARE PURCHASING THIS PART YOU WILL NEED A SPLINED ADAPTER KIT WHICH IS SOLD SEPARATELY, SEE RELATED PRODUCTS Style, Quality, Function, and Adjustability at a price that cannot be beat. Switch ...
MSRP: $189.99
Price: $170.99   
(61 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Premium Floorboards For Driver or Passenger (Pair) - Various Cruiser Models, Part: KY-4351
Part Number: KY-7025
Create a flamin’ chrome custom look to your stock floorboards. These covers mount right over your stock floorboards to make a larger, more comfortable foot position without reducing your cornering cle ...
MSRP: $159.99
Price: $143.99   
CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
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More Info on Kuryakyn Flamed Floorboard Covers (Pair)- Various Metric Cruiser Models, Part: KY-7025
Part Number: BBP-4-459BC
The Classic Series line of covers offers exceptional value without compromising the features you have come to expect from UltraGard.Whether you need to cover a large touring, cruiser or a street bike; ...
MSRP: $55.95
Price: $50.99   
(26 reviews)
More Info on Show Chrome Accessories (Big Bike Parts) Ultragard Large Cruiser Cover - Black Over Charcoal, Part: BBP-4-459BC
Part Number: KY-6345
If you like Kuryakyn's chrome ISO-Grips then you’ll love the same great comfort in these new Black ISO-Grips. Powder-coated black for a sinister appearance and wrapped in soft ISO rubber these grips d ...
MSRP: $79.99
Price: $71.99   
(25 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn ISO-Grips, Black - Kawasaki Vulcans, Yamaha Stars, Suzukis, and Victory Models, Part: KY-6345
Part Number: LIN-BL13703
LINDBY CUSTOM INC., brings you ground breaking innovations and fascinating designs. The unique fusion of creative engineering and excellence make us the proud manufacturer of The Multibar, the orig ...
MSRP: $289.95
Price: $260.99   
(4 reviews)
More Info on Lindby Custom Multibar, Black Powder Coated - Kingpin, Vegas, Jackpot, 8 Ball, and Hammer (06 and newer), Part: LIN-BL13703
Part Number: KY-6235
Note:The stock throttle sleeve is re-used Now, just about any popular cruiser can be fit with the incredibly comfortable Kuryakyn ISO-Grips. Comes with built-in throttle sleeve. Super hi-strength a ...
MSRP: $79.99
Price: $63.83   
CruiserCustomizing Staff Pick
(5176 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn ISO-Grips - Kawasaki Vulcans, Yamaha Stars, Suzukis, Triumph, Can-Am and Victory Models, Part: KY-6235
Part Number: KY-6285
Enjoy those longer rides & relax your throttle hand with the Mechanical Throttle Assist. This is the simplest & cleanest looking throttle position holder available. Attaching to the end of your ha ...
MSRP: $89.99
Price: $80.99   
(7 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Mechanical Throttle Cruise Assist - Harley Models w/ 7/8 Inch or 1 Inch Diamerer Handlbars and Hollow Bar Ends, Part: KY-6285
Part Number: KY-4501
This clamp-on highway peg combination works great on Yamaha's V-Stars and Road Stars including the Road Star Warrior. Utilizing our easily installed 1-1/4" Magnum Quick Clamps and X-Tension Peg Mounts ...
MSRP: $199.99
Price: $179.99   
(155 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Adjustable Cruise Pegs- Yamaha XV650/950 V-Star/ Raider/ XV1600/1700 Road Star/ Roadliner , Part: KY-4501
Part Number: RIV-AHMULTI
Multiple Application Horn kit. Several mounting abilities and locations to fit most bikes, namely Yamaha V-Stars, Road Stars, and any other bikes with frame mounting ability or engine guards. Thes ...
Price: $199.95
(69 reviews)
More Info on Rivco Multi-Application Air Horns - Chrome - Honda/ Indian/ Kawasaki/ Suzuki/ Victory/ Yamaha, Part: RIV-AHMULTI
Part Number: KY-4577
An extended version of Kuryakyn's popular 7996. It's 3-1/4 inch radius gives an incredible 6-1/2 inch range of adjustment. It's gently curved shape keeps the peg tucked in toward the center line of th ...
MSRP: $119.99
Price: $107.99   
(11 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Longhorn Offset Peg Mounts with 1-1/2 inch Magnum Quick Clamp (Pair), Part: KY-4577
Part: AG-MT-AIR-90-CH
Part Number: AG-MT-AIR-90-CH
Air Ride For Your Hands!" The Avon Air Cushion chrome grips feel great and are very functional too. Manufactured in the USA with a special core bar that creates air pockets inside the grip body. These ...
Price: $59.99
(11 reviews)
More Info on Avon Grips MT Air Cushioned Grips, Chrome - Metric Cruisers with 1 inch Bars, Part: AG-MT-AIR-90-CH
Part Number: KY-5385
Outfit your Metric bike with a great looking saddlebag that outperforms the rest – but also gain the freedom of having the ability to take the bags off when you do not need them! Dimensions: 23" Lo ...
MSRP: $469.99
Price: $422.99   
(6 reviews)
More Info on Kuryakyn Edge Leather Detachable Saddlebags- Model 104 (Studded) (Pair) (23 inch Long X 8 Inch Wide X 13 3/4 Inch High), Part: KY-5385
Part: EMGO-20-86835
Part Number: EMGO-20-86835
Great-looking, short-stemmed, chrome-plated mirrors designed with cruisers in mind Available with standard or reverse 10mm thread Standard 10mm thread fits either side of most bikes, except Yamah ...
Price: $12.95
(3 reviews)
More Info on EMGO Mirror, Lil Cruiser 10mm Stem Chrome, Right or Left Side (Sold Each) - Metric Bikes (Except Yamaha Right Side) , Part: EMGO-20-86835
Part Number: KEWL-438-C
Introducing the KewlMetal Chrome Quick disconnect Luggage Rack system for the Victory Jackpot & Hammer. This new rack is not only quick disconnect but looks Great too! Goes on and off your bike in l ...
MSRP: $439.95
Price: $417.99   
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More Info on Kewl Metal Luggage Rack - Chrome - Victory Jackpot/ Hammer, Part: KEWL-438-C
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